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12928 Minnetonka Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN, 55305





No joke, every room in my home has
at least one piece from or framed by
Your Art’s Desire.
— Julie K.
Their enthusiasm about the artists and their work is contagious.
— Jack C.
Your Art’s Desire is the perfect place to go to refresh the spirit. Changing exhibits, with an emphasis on how displayed art compliments each other, adds to the desire to come back for more. Dropping by often is a gift I give myself.
— Nancy C.
I’m sure you hear this all the time - about how much your work means in people’s lives...well, add me to the list.
— Jeff S.
They are perfect hosts. I always feel welcomed and attended to without feeling smothered or pressed to purchase.
— Trish R.
Your Art’s Desire has so much custom and local art that it’s also become my go-to shop for wedding, birthday and housewarming presents. The atmosphere Ken and Melissa have created at Your Art’s Desire is so welcoming and pleasurable that I often just stop by to say hello.
— Matt D.
It was their care in handling my art that I first took note of and is the reason I return time and time again. The exceptional thing is, that level of care was no different when it was a several thousand dollar investment piece or my daughter’s favorite Disneyland poster.
— Stephen L.
Quite simply, their design sense is on point. Now, I just drop off my pieces and look forward to being surprised and delighted at the refined and innovative design.
— Liz P.
I’ve been places where I felt like a “business formula” was being applied to my art. More layers means more…At Your Art’s Desire I feel like they are partners to the art. They show only what will enhance the project. No more, no less.
— Peter B.
It is rare to find, but I will go on record to say your craftsmanship is nothing short of brilliant.
— Susan C.
I trust Ken and Melissa because their knowledge and expertise is so apparent.
— Jon R.
When I walked through the doors of Your Art’s Desire five years ago, I was not an “art” guy. I had a concert print I wanted to display in my house, but was clueless when it came to frames, mats, colors, and design. Ken and Melissa guided me towards the perfect frame that fit the aesthetic I was looking for, in the price-range I required. Now, no fewer than twenty pieces of art hang in my house, all framed by their expert hands. A great frame can bring out the best in art, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to make that happen.
— Matt D.
There is no option for framing like You’re Arts Desire. I have been working with them since they opened, and in a variety of ways. Melissa’s design skills and creativity are incredible. Ken’s master framing has a quality and durability that cannot be matched. I frame my own personal art with them and they have helped me to grow in ways I did not think possible. Also, I have a formidable collection of art that I would trust to no one else but Your Arts Desire. No other framer holds a torch to their abilities to make an art piece shear perfection. They get it, their service and quality are supreme.
— Tanya G.
I always feel good after visiting Your Art’s Desire and I realized it is because literally every thing they do is with a focus on you and your art.
— Mary B.
When a piece of art requires a frame, the Your Art’s Desire experience of choosing brings results that become artistic extensions and puts focus where it belongs.
— Nancy C.

Your Art's Desire
12928 Minnetonka Blvd
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Mon – Thurs:  10am – 7pm
Fri and Sat:  10am – 6pm