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12928 Minnetonka Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN, 55305



Your Art's Desire - About Us

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Welcome to Your Art’s Desire!  Since our humble beginning in 2005, we have committed wholly to creating an exceptional and memorable guest experience. Everything we do is from the heART.  We offer a full range of custom frame services and an art gallery that features works from local and regional artists. 

Our approach of creating a friendly, down to earth and uniquely personal frame and art experience has stood out and earned us fiercely loyal customers who are all too eager to refer their friends and family to us. 


I love color, texture and relationships.  With over 20 years of framing experience, my design approach is about subtlety and having the frame presentation feel like a natural extension of the art.  However, my best designs come from stories you share about the piece you have brought in.  Your connection is where I find most of my inspiration.

Before opening Your Art’s Desire I was a licensed social worker with work experience in community organizing and adolescent chemical dependency.  This experience has gifted me with intensely engaged listening and relationship building skills, something our guests express deep appreciation for.

When I’m not at the gallery, I am an avid reader, practice daily meditation and would love to find a way to bridge art and meditation as a way to help people foster greater emotional balance.  

Fun Facts: 

  • The best day off is…a day at the zoo.
  • Don Quixote is my hero
  • Favorite Quote:  “If I understand, things are as they are.  If I don’t understand, things are as they are.”


I have worked in the custom framing and art business since 1991.  Selling art supplies led to employment in a fast paced custom frame shop.  Having earned recognition as a Certified Picture Framer (CPF) by the Professional Picture Frame Association, I went on to become lead framer and production manager.  This position ultimately led me to opening Your Art’s Desire with my wife, Melissa in 2005.

Possessing a skill set that makes just about any framing challenge completely achievable is one of my simplest pleasures in life and one that our clients greatly appreciate.  My other simple pleasure is painting and I am grateful to have met relative success in the Twin Cities as an abstract painter.  Most of my spare time is spent at my easel in a corner studio inside our gallery.

Fun Facts:

  • The best day off is…binge watching the latest cable series
  • My hero is Spiderman, of course
  • Favorite Quote:  “You’re either honest or you’re not." - My Dad

Your Art's Desire
12928 Minnetonka Blvd
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Mon – Thurs:  10am – 7pm
Fri and Sat:  10am – 6pm